We are your one stop shop for all your  Vehicle Wraps, Graphics,  Signs, & Apparel. The team at iCandy Designz is dedicated to Service and Quality with every project. We believe in building relationships to help You Succeed.  At iCandy we take you beyond just looking like everyone else to “the best” in your profession.   We stretch the limit to take you from “ordinary” and push your idea to “EXTRAORDINARY”.  Our eye-catching designs bring your vision to LIFE. We achieve all this by working closely with you to coordinate the look you desire.  Whether your coming in for Vehicle Wraps, Graphics, Logo Design, Branding, Printing, Signs, or Apparel our years of expertise distinguishes us as the best in what we do.  Our emphasis is to provide you with top-notch Service, Quality and Convenience, so you can rely on a single specialist to handle all your business and personal needs. Refuse to settle for just being ordinary.  Let iCandy Designz help you achieve what it is to become Extraordinary!  We invite you to stop by to Experience the iCandy Deference.

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Vinyl Wraps

Color Change Wraps | Full Color Digital Print Wraps | Tailgate Wraps | Roof Wraps | Hood Wraps | Window Perfs.

Vinyl Wraps and Graphics are highly visual tools to attract new customers or to re-market for the retention of existing customers.  Professional, eye-catching graphics can make all the difference in the perception customers have of your business.  Vinyl Wraps and Graphics can be used for exterior buildings, interior walls, and business vehicles to assist in attaining your marketing and growth expectations.  Just think – you spend HOURS every day commuting between appointments and sitting in traffic for business purposes.  Even the very fact of your vehicle sitting in the parking lot at your business or office is valuable marketing time, if your vehicle could STAND OUT from the rest.  Vehicle Wraps are the ultimate mobile branding tool it works 24h a day 7 days a week and never needs time off.

When your business owns or operates its own branded vehicle, the outside of that vehicle is essentially unused advertising space. The vehicle already belongs to you, so the next step is to make sure it gets as noticed as much as possible, and not only brands your business but attracts consumers to you. You can achieve this with our full color, custom designed and tailored to your needs Vehicle wrap.

Wraps or Graphics aren’t just limited to vehicles.  iCandy Designz can take the unused space on your building or interior walls and turn it into a full color design that easily represents you.  Why not use every inch of your building, inside and out, to tell about your awesome products or services! 

We only believe in using the highest quality materials that are made to provide extra durability and color fastness that will last for many years. With iCandy you will get the most out of your investment. We can Wrap or put Graphics on all types of Trucks, Trailers, Boats and more, to help brand your business and get you and your products noticed for all types of budgets. Give us a call, email or stop by and let iCandy help you with your next project. 



Exterior | Interior | Illuminated | Real Estate

Signs are one of the best branding tools available because they are visually memorable, informative, and associated with a specific location.  The look and placement of signage allows you to capture the eye of potential customer’s while branding your logo and announcing your products in a bold and appealing way. 

Here at iCandy Designz, we are confident we can provide you with the visually attractive, customized signs you need to help your business thrive and stand out from your competition.





Screen Printing   |  NO MINIMUM ORDERS  |  Family Reunions  |  Corporate Styles

The classic t-shirt has become one of the most sought after and favorite pieces of apparel today.  T-shirts have evolved into statement pieces and have become a fashionable alternative in business marketing with more businesses offering apparel for resale. Not to mention the mobile advertising from staff showing off where they love to work while sporting their work apparel after hours.  Due to the popularity of t-shirts and how inexpensive and readily available they can be designed and processed, many people customize looks for personal parties in the hopes of making a lasting statement, with a  memorable gift for life events.   Thanks to screen printing technologies and techniques, iCandy Designz can offer high quality designs and garments at reasonable prices. 






Hats  |  Apparel  |  Custom Pieces

A professional looking way to showcase your logo message on fabric is through embroidery.  Each stitch brings a look and feel on shirts, hats, and bags with a sophisticated and crisp style. We are confident that our years of  experience and the state-of-the-art technology we use in our production of each piece will offer you the very best embroidery  in the area.  We are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Our process is simple.  Bring us your design OR work closely with the iCandy Designz team to formulate your idea into a design.  Your image is then entered into our computerized embroidery machine. Cutting-edge digitizing software seamlessly translates your image and transfers the image onto the fabric, stitch by stitch onto the garment. The end result is a high quality, detailed design, that makes your apparel appealing and durable for years to come.  


Ocala cars & coffee

Open to all forms of automotive enthusiasts! You will enjoy classics to exotics and everything in between, at this  monthly meet held on the 1st Sunday from 8-11AM. Bring the whole family and have a great time!
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